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Neuheisel Vacations in Cabo As Maryland Interviews Randy Shannon

<em>If we look closely may be we will find a Bruin defensive coordinator in the horizon?</em>
If we look closely may be we will find a Bruin defensive coordinator in the horizon?

Last week we heard that UCLA and Nevada running back coach Jim Mastro were "close" to a "deal" that would bring him to Westwood as "running game coordinator." That was the report we read via the LA Times (which was flagged by muircoach). That was encouraging until we read this during the weekend:

"Nothing's done. We're still in talks," Mastro said via cell phone Friday night. "The challenge of the move is appealing, but this isn't an easy decision. I love my job at Nevada. It's a great place for me and it's a great situation. But this is something I needed to explore and look into."

Mastro said UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel was in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and is scheduled to return to the U.S. on Thursday. Mastro said he needed to discuss the terms of a potential contract with Neuheisel before making a decision.

Doesn't that seem a little odd?

I understand a college football coach needing time to "recharge his batteries" and take a prescheduled vacation after a long, grueling recruiting season. But this hasn't been an ordinary off-season for UCLA football. Drama of last 50 something days have been well documented here and it is really weird to see Rick leave Westwood behind without dealing with his staff related mess.

But wait ... there is more.

As Rick is drinking Coronas in Cabo, Maryland is approaching Randy Shannon:

Former Miami coach Randy Shannon will interview for the vacant Maryland defensive coordinator position this week, according to's Bruce Feldman.

Shannon, who was fired as Miami's head coach Nov. 28 after compiling a 28-22 record over four seasons, joins former Maryland assistant Kevin Lempa as those in contention to replace Don Brown, who left Friday to become the defensive coordinator at Connecticut.

Feldman reported that Shannon will be in town to interview with Maryland coach Randy Edsall on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

So here is what is going on. Rick can't convince an assistant from Reno, Nevada to take a job in beautiful Westwood. As his possible "RB coordinator" from Nevada is waffling, he is vacationing in Cabo without a DC. This is all happening while Maryland is looking to close on one of the premiere DCs in the country in Randy Shannon. Shannon could still be a good get for UCLA if Rick was making an effort. But he is in Cabo.

What is wrong with this picture?