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Pac-10 Women's Hoops Finals/March Madness Open Thread

Our men's team is playing it "cool" this weekend but there is a lot if intense basketball action around the country with teams that care about the game.

We will start with Nikki Caldwell's Bruin warriors who are right now taking on Stanford in the Pac-10 championship game. Truebluebruin24 wrote up on last night's win. They are battling and right now slugging out with one of the best team in the country.

After our game is over there will be lot of hoops action to take in from around the country including the Big East Championship, Pac-10 championship, and semifinals from Big-10 (Michigan and Ohio State in a battle right now), ACC, Big-12 and SEC. Lots of teams from around the country playing with passion and pride.

Use this an open thread to take in your early March Madness.