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Join The BN March Madness Pool on Yahoo

She wants you (not you Coach Neuheisel) to dive into our pool.
She wants you (not you Coach Neuheisel) to dive into our pool.

Continuing on with the Madness, we have set up a Bruins Nation group inside Yahoo's Tournament Pick'em bracket challenge. The pool is open to any of you on Bruins Nation, though you will need a Yahoo account to participate - if you don't have a Yahoo login, it is simple to create one. Entries need to be made and brackets finalized before 9am PDT on Thursday, March 17. Details will be posted below the jump.

This year's bracket winner will receive a pair of prizes. As we have done in some years past, the group winner will be given a one-time spot on the Bruins Nation front page, where he/she can write about anything that is near and dear to him/her (as long as the post is at least 400 words, not trollish and germane to all the matters concerning BN). Here's the post from the inaugural winner, fyi.

In addition to having one of your posts directly placed on the front page, we will also be giving the winner a DVD of "The UCLA Dynasty", HBO's 2007 documentary on the Wooden-Era Bruins. In order to enter and be eligible for these prizes, you must be a registered member of BN - Lurkers, let this be your excuse to register and share a few comments.

Yahoo group information:

Direct link: CLICK ME.

Group ID: 74055

Password: Coach

This will also serve as an open thread for any bracket-related discussion, as well as other general March Madness related talk that doesn't fit elsewhere.