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Thursday March Madness Open Thread

UCLA tourney run (via allenyw)

Ok, so according to the NCAA, today is no longer the official opening of the Tournament (see the 'First Four). But really, we all know that today is the real kickoff of March Madness, where men are men, Bruins roam freely... and trojans fall a night short. As great as this day always is, it feels so much better than this time last year with the letters U.C.L. and A on today's television schedule. Speaking of the Tournament TV schedule, every game of the tourney this year will be shown on its own on TV, broadcast on one of 4 networks (CBS, TBS, TNT and truTV). A side effect is that the start times of the earlier games are staggered a little more than in prior years, leaving less time with 0 or 1 game on, and the elimination of the annoying mid-late afternoon local news break on CBS. Of course, all games will continue to be available online through MMOD.

Here's the schedule for the games leading up to UCLA's late slot - all times Pacific:

  • 9am: Clemson vs. West Virginia (CBS); 9:30am: Old Dominion vs. Butler (truTV); 10:30am: Morehead State vs. Louisville (TBS); 11am: Penn State vs. Temple (TNT)
  • 11:30am: Princeton vs. Kentucky (CBS); 12pm: UNC-Asheville vs. Pittsburgh (truTV); 1pm: Richmond vs. Vanderbilt (TBS); 1:30pm: Northern Colorado vs. San Diego State (TNT)
  • 3:45pm: UC-Santa Barbara vs. Florida (TBS); 4pm: Wofford vs. BYU (CBS); 4:15pm: Bucknell vs. Connecticut (TNT); 4:15pm: Belmont vs. Wisconsin (truTV)

One final reminder for the BN bracket competition - the deadline to submit picks is 9:15am Pacific time. The Bruins will be playing in one of the late games this evening, and we will have our usual dedicated game thread for it (and the other late games). Until then, this is your open thread for all of today's madness.

Go Bruins!