Pauley "Center Court" story gets weird

Well this story just got a little weird:

UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero said he was "extremely disappointed" by an anonymous Bruins alumnus' plan to sell a center court section of the original Pauley Pavilion in an Internet auction next month.

Guerrero is trying to get that circle back:

"The center circle belongs on display at new Pauley Pavilion," Guerrero said Wednesday in a statement, "and we are hopeful that we will be able to work out an arrangement with the new owner to bring this important piece of UCLA basketball history back to its home."

Guerrero said the Bruins were rebuffed in "numerous attempts" to reacquire the circle from its owner, even after a donor offered to make a donation to the owner's charity of choice.

How did the center circle get out of UCLA's grasp if the AD didn't want it out in public? Was someone sleeping at the switch?

One point of view here is that Guerrero looks kind of weak and whiny in this story but I can buy the view that he might be trying to negotiate in public and also get some UCLA alums to bid on this memorabilia.

The whole story seems odd and gives the impression that Athletic Department is not in control of things.

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