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Michigan State vs. UCLA NCAA Tournament Gamethread: Going For 100

This #7 and # 10 seed NCAA tournament match-up features two proud programs who together have been in the last five Final Fours between them. The good news is the last two times Michigan State was a #10 seed they lost. UCLA is 5-2 against the Spartans and CBH is 2-1.

More good news for UCLA fans is everyone who was sick last week seems to be healthy, except Zeek Jones:

The biggest lingering medical issues are junior guard Lazeric Jones' left wrist . . . "My legs feel better, my body feels good right now; as far as the wrist, there's really nothing I can do about it," Jones said. "I've been having some OK practices, and I'm just trying to stay confident heading into these games."

A player with an extra reason to play better may be Tyler Honeycutt who was completely disrespected by his likely match-up, Durrell Summers:

Summers, who will most likely match up against Honeycutt when the Bruins and Spartans meet in their NCAA Tournament opener Thursday, basically called Honeycutt overrated.

"I think he gets a lot of baskets just being athletic, just back cuts, stuff like that," Summers said during a press conference Wednesday. "You know, I don't think he guards that good or crashes the glass, but he just plays athletic."

Here's hoping for a courageous effort from Zeek and for Tyler to prove Summers and his critics wrong. If UCLA wins tonight it will be their 100th NCAA tournament victory. The official UCLA preview is here which has links to a lot of interviews and extras. The Michigan State preview is here. You can follow the game online here.

As always if you are watching the game, share your instant thoughts and commentary here in our game thread. Fire away. Go Bruins!