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March Madness Day Two Open Thread

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Deep breaths everyone. With last night's much too close game out of the way we can finally breathe easily, at least for one day. A close game was only fitting last night to cap a day of great games. Most of them came during the day with the evening games not nearly as close. The only night upset wasn't even close as Gonzaga rocked The Johnnies to make some St. John's fans wonder what happened to the Steve 16. 

As for the new TV schedule, it was definitely different. I don't think I heard a single person complain about having the games on four different channels that lets the viewer pick which game he wants to watch, but the spacing of the games was very different. The four games are spread out by two hours so there are long stretches with only two games going on, sometimes with one at halftime. It's overkill for me. Spread them out by 10-15 minutes each and we're good to go. I don't like having to watch commercials during the tournament because there is no other basketball going on. That ruins the beauty of the first weekend of the tournament.

Here's the schedule for today, with 16 more games on the slate. All times are pacific and the Gus Johnson games are in bold (below the fold).

9 am- Oakland vs. Texas (CBS), 9:30 am- Tennessee vs. Michigan (truTV), 10:30 am- Akron vs. Notre Dame (TBS), 11 am- Villanova vs. George Mason (TNT)

11:30 am- Memphis vs. Arizona (CBS), 12 pm- Hampton vs. Duke (truTV), 1:00 pm- Florida St. vs. Texas A&M, 1:30 pm- Texas-San Antonio vs. Ohio St. (TNT)

3:45 pm- Boston University vs. Kansas (TBS), 4 pm- Long Island vs. North Carolina (CBS), 4:15 pm- St. Peters vs. Purdue (TNT) 4:15 pm- Marquette vs. Xavier (truTV)

6:15 pm- Illinois. vs. UNLV (TBS) 6:30 pm- Georgia vs. Washington (CBS) 6:45 pm- VCU vs. Georgetown (TNT), 6:45 pm- Indiana St. vs Syracuse

This is your day two March Madness open thread so have at it with thoughts, observations and AH HAAAAA's!