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The UCLA flag is still flying in the tournament, as the #3 seeded Bruins take on the #11 seed Gonzaga tonight in the round of 32.

A lot has been made of this match-up and many in the national media feel that everything is there for an upset: Gonzaga is playing on their home court where they have lost just one game this season, which for their first round game against Iowa they sold out the 6000+ seat arena.  Their star player, PG Courtney Vandersloot may be able to neutralize the Bruin press that has been so instrumental to their success all season long.  Gonzaga last year knocked out the 2 seeded Texas A&M Aggies, so Gonzaga is not new to pulling off big upsets in the tournament in the early rounds.

Still, Gonzaga's schedule has featured weak teams, and if UCLA took Stanford out of it's schedule, UCLA's winning streak would match that of Gonzaga's yet still with a stronger schedule.  The key tonight that is being talked about is Gonzaga's offense vs. UCLA's defense.  Gonzaga leads the nation in scoring, averaging over 86 points per game, while UCLA has one of the best defenses in the nation.  It will be interesting to see how tonight's game plays out, though UCLA at least has had experience in this type of match up by playing Oregon the last 2 years, so UCLA can hopefully draw on that.

What is at stake tonight for the Bruins is a chance to move on to the sweet 16 for the first time since the late 90s, as well as tie the school record for wins in a season.  The game tips off at 6:30pm tonight on ESPN2.  Hopefully i'll be able to track the game but if not, let this be our gameday thread.

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