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Not So Sweet 16 Open Thread (Day 1)

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There is nothing sweet about a Sweet Sixteen without our Bruins participating, but that doesn't mean that we can't still have rooting interests, especially those of you clinging to a few decent lines in your brackets.

We start things off at 4:15 on CBS with UConn vs. SDSU, but the focus will likely be on Kemba Walker and Kawhi Leonard. These teams' respective conferences, the Mountain West and the Big East, have the same amount of representatives remaining in the tournament despite the Big East starting with 8 more bids.

If that's not your cup of tea, wait about 10 minutes and flip over to TBS to catch BYU vs. Florida. Or in Bruin terms, the team we beat vs. the team that beat us. Not a fan of either school, but Jimmer is fun to say, so I'll reluctantly throw my support behind BYU.

The late action starts at 6:45 on CBS matching up Arizona and Duke. No matter how you feel about conference pride, the reality is that the Pac 10 should be out of this tournament right now, but after the refs robbed Texas blind, Arizona now gets a near home date against Duke. Not that I feel sorry for Krekljzsdjra;sdrsski. I don't. And the last time Arizona came to Los Angeles, one of their elderly boosters got Troganed (assaulted), and the time before that they got spanked hard by the Bruins, so you never know.

The alternative to that starts again about 10 minutes later on TBS with Butler and Wisconsin. Meh and Meh.

Have at it, Bruins.