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#SFatPauley: Did U.C.L.A. Mislead The Den or Did The Den Cut its Own Throat?

Pauley renovation

Just those words alone conjure up feeling of embarrassment and disgust.  When you consider the years of poor planning and poor communication, the short-sightedness and penny-pinching, it really leaves a disgusting taste.  U.C.L.A. deserves a first class arena for its outstanding teams and its outstanding students to use, both as fans and for recreational activities.  Somehow, U.C.L.A. should be better than all of this.

And just when you thought things couldn't get any more asinine.

The responses to last night's post on UCLA Athletics latest debacle (these guys probably would screw up if they were asked to make a cup of coffee) have been overwhelming. The responses on BN also raised a really troubling question. Gen2Bruin1987 asked whether the Den was mislead or did they cut their own throats?

The release says:

"We surveyed over 7,000 members of `The Den' regarding several subjects and they gave us some outstanding feedback on ways to enhance the student experience at our events," said Mark Harlan, UCLA Senior Associate Athletic Director - External Affairs. "One thing that became very clear is that students want to be together and have some fun. Over 82 percent desired a seating area that gave them unity and the ability to help give our teams the home court advantage they deserve."

Subsequent responses in the comment thread validated Gen2Bruin1987's concerns.


So you know how...a few months ago I had posted a comment about how the Campaign of Champions site was wrong with respect to the student seating arrangement? This is what I was talking about. Yeah, we had a meeting about this. But it wasn't like this was what we WANTED.

But it was either behind the basket, or another seating arrangement that you'd find even MORE distasteful for the students. Those were the only two options we were given. So we took the less crappy plan.

lil eg not cs:

This was resolved about a year and a half ago some of us, by us I mean the den president and I, were invited to a focus group about the renovation. We were led to believe that the student seating would remain the same along with adding seats behind the basket. That's the way it should be.

It appears that U.C.L.A. Athletics department was less than forth right with our students. I am being nice here. Many here could reasonable use the term "lying" and misleading." 

Current Den members like westsidebruin26 are not happy:

I am absolutely appalled by the stupidity of the administration to do such a thing. First off, yes the survey was completely misleading in that it simply asked students if they wanted to be grouped together. No where did it ask if we agreed to give up our sideline seats for bogus seats behind the basket where we have absolutely ZERO influence over the game. I would rather be in the upper level when the sidelines filled up, at least they were dead center.

After witnessing the great crowds towards the end of the season, well all the pac 10 games, I thought Dan G would want to capitalize on the amount of support students were willing to give. I am so glad I am a junior so that I don't have to witness the epic fail of the student section after next season. Students need to boycott this and not let the football tickets influence our decision to get a den pass.

U.C.L.A. folks might try to make the argument that having students behind on just one end will make a difference because they will distract opponents from making free throws. As 09Bruin pointed out that argument is not supported by any facts.

The question now for this community is if you have any recommendations on what we should do?

You can email your thoughts about this to our AD directly:

Some are already floating the idea of

Other ideas?

Should there be a call for donation freeze to Pauley campaign?

You can slice and dice this any way you want but lying or misleading students about an iconic landmark in our school is not acceptable. U.C.L.A. should move immediately to fix this situation. If they do not make a move ... we will be interested in hearing your ideas here ... in the comment thread or in the fanpost section.