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Three Bruins Win All Pac-10 First Team Honors

We just wanted to do a quick post to congratulate the three Bruins who were named first team all Pac-10:

Joshua Smith made the all freshman team and Malcolm Lee made the all-defensive team (HT to freesia39).  A couple quick thoughts after the jump.

I am really disappointed that Malcolm Lee did not win Defensive Player of the Year.  Simmons of USC won and while he is a good defender it is much easier when you are really only playing one way.  Lee was a force at both ends of the court and much more than just a defensive stopper.  Also, Lee can cover PGs, something I don't think Simmons could do.

I am also a bit disappointed that Jerime Anderson did not get most improved player.  Washington's Matthew Bryan-Amaning was a valuable member of his team who stepped up.  Anderson was benched last year and was on his way to basketball Siberia. 

Last quick thought is on Josh.  He is the only center anywhere on any of the lists.  Josh will be a force for years to come in the Pac- 10 12. 

Again, congratulations to Lee, Nelson and Honeycutt (and Smith).