[Update] Washington's Venoy Overton Facing Alcohol Charge, Out Of Pac-10 Tournament

For those of you not aware, there had been rumors floating throughout the current Pac-10 Basketball season regarding an 'unnamed' Washington player and a criminal investigation regarding an incident involving a couple of young women. This afternoon the Seattle City Attorney announced that Venoy Overton has been charged on a count of furnishing alcohol to a minor. I Don't feel the need to add to ESPN's description of the events leading to the charge:

Overton is charged in an January incident where he met with two 16-year-old girls and, police say, he gave alcohol and had sex with both. The age of consent in Washington is 16.

As a reminder, Washington State's Klay Thompson faced a 1-game suspension last week after being charged with having "a fat joint" worth of marijuana in his SUV. According to the above ESPN report, Overton's status for Thursday's Pac-10 tournament game against Washington State (and beyond) is yet to be determined. Well see if Lorenzo Romar has the disciplinary chops that Coach Bone put on display last weekend.

[Update - P]: Lorenzo Romar has announced that Overton will be suspended for the duration of the Pac-10 Tournament, but will be reinstated for any postseason tournament that the Huskies participate in after that.

"It's really important we make sure there are consequences and also that their behavior will change," Romar said. "We have to grow from these things and learn from these things."

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