A Spring Day at UCLA: Football Practice & Track Meet v Oregon

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I went out to campus again this weekend to catch the UCLA Oregon dual meet. I guess it is the ex collegiate runner in me craving to see two great Track and Field programs go at it. Which by the way was pretty exciting (if you are into that sort of thing).  And the best part about it was I got to check out Football practice for a little bit before the good events got started over at Drake. So even though I was only there for about an hour, I noted a couple of things.

First off, Justin Solis (DT Westlake) showed up and walked right onto the field to greet coach Neu. So from the looks of things, I like our chances with him given his proximity and anxiousness to let Rick know he was there. His page has him listed at 6'3. Although I stood right next to him, and if he is taller than me at 5'11, it would be by a hair.  

Ishmael Adams (CB Oaks Christian) was there as well. My buddy happens to be one of his coaches for the Track and Field program at Oaks, so they were chatting right next to me. I am not so sure he is all that sold on UCLA at the moment based off recent W and L's. I think a good season from UCLA would clear up his vision.

Jordan Simmons (OG Crespi) was there as well with his dad. Its encouraging that he was there, which means he must be legitimatley considering us. But I must say, the kid is a monster. Jordan definitely passes the eye ball test.

Since I was really there to see the meet, I only got to watch drills and about fifteen minutes of the scrimmage. During seven on sevens, KP was able to scramble outside and show that his knee is not in that bad of shape. His confidence looks good and I am guessing that since Hundley has not yet solidifed himself as the number two, Fall camp will be an exciting three horse race. Although to tell you the truth, I am never encouraged by QB competiton. I firmly believe in the saying "if you have two, you dont have one."

I saw Isaiah Bowens get a sack on a blitz, in which nobody picked up, and if the QB's were not touchable, I think Brehaut would have been in a world of hurt.  Nothing else really sticks out in my mind from the scrimmage since it looked to be dominated by the Defense from the get go.

The track meet however ended pretty exciting and deflating at the same time. There were no amazing times run or anything, but thats kind of what you expect at a dual meet. We were able to hold our own in Distance events, getting a point here and there, although that portion was obviously dominated by the Ducks. Matt Centrowitz from Oregon had a great day winning the 1500 and 800, as well as scoring in 5000 as well. Beating our Corey Primm in the 800 was pretty surprising, but that's Oregon for you.

I was surprised by how many Oregon fans were at the meet. But now looking back on it, not really. Eugene loves track and field and have a great respect for the sport. I am not sure if they traveled down to LA for the meet or are just local Oregon fans.

First of all, I respect Carroll for participating in as much of football practice as possible and then getting over to Drake to participate in the meet. He looked good in the 100, coming second (three points) with Kenyon Barner right behind him. Although he did not look good at all in the 200. He finished in a distant fourth. He did not have that pop needed out of the turn to stay with the race.

Nelson Rosario had a good day (I think) with the long jump. He finished third and contributed to the team with his one point contribution.

The meet came down to the 4x4 which was very exciting. We were up by five points heading into the event. We had about a 10 meter lead heading into the anchor lap. We were all excited that we were going to beat Oregon until... the UO anchor who happens to be a freshmen, ran a 45 second 400 and did not even make the event look close. I think our anchor ran a 48, which was about the same pace the other six guys in the event ran.

So the meet ended in a tie, which really sucks. And being that NCAA track and field does not have a tie breaker, this was how it ended. They should have had something in place like a coaches race or dance off to decide these things... Either way, this was a better day than watching the Lakes get beat by the Hornets

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