New Recruiting Violations Alleged Against Calipari

Sit down folks because this is going to be shocking news. Ok, not really.

New allegations have emerged about potential recruiting violation in John Calipari's regime in Kentucky. FoxSports reports on the eve of the Final-4:

But forgotten in Calipari's quick turnaround of Kentucky is a native of this bustling metroplex who was instrumental in the Wildcats' resurrection: Bilal Batley.

Batley abruptly resigned as assistant director of basketball operations/manager after he violated NCAA rules by rebounding for a player during a workout in July 2009. Kentucky self-reported the secondary violation and sent Batley a letter of admonishment.

Batley's job did not allow him to have on-court interaction with players. When he resigned, a team spokesman said he did so to return home because of an illness in his family.

But a nearly two-year investigation revealed that Batley also broke NCAA rules by making repeated impermissible telephone calls while at both Memphis and Kentucky to recruits, such as DeMarcus Cousins, and their parents.

There is nothing surprising about that report. The story has enough ammo for both Calipari haters to pour it on and Kentucky fans to rush to a defense of plausible deniability. did a little digging around though and found this Bilal character to be an odd guy.

His checkered past includes stint with other coaching figure of question character:

Batley then left Navarro and became a student manager at Oklahoma under then-Sooners coach Kelvin Sampson, who along with his assistants was found by the NCAA to have made 577 impermissible telephone calls to recruits from 2000 to 2004.

One of the recruits Bilal was pursuing at IU ended up a Calipari's Memphis program.

The story is not going to be some kind of silver bullet for the Calipari haters but it will just add to the questions around who some refer to as  "the sleaziest coach in a sleazy game."

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