#SFatPauley: Daily Bruin blows the call and sells out its readership

If you want to be sick, read the Daily Bruin "journalism" on the ejection of the Den to the west end of Pauley. Other then the fact the grammer is acceptable, it could have been written by a southern cal journalism "student."

Not a whimper.

Here are some of the ugliest  grafs:

In years past, the student section has been fragmented, with some students receiving floor-level seats while others were left with seats in the upper 300s sections.

After consulting with numerous student groups on campus, including the Undergraduate Students Association Council, The Den and the Rally Committee, the UCLA Athletics Department released an e-mail to members of The Den Wednesday informing them of the changes that will be made in the new Pauley Pavilion.

A survey released to The Den in December was also used as a guiding tool.

Then it gets ugly:

"The thing that I really appreciated was that the Athletics Department did their research," USAC President Jasmine Hill said. "They took the feedback and looked at how they could incorporate it."

Then all hope is lost:

Fifth-year aerospace engineering student and president of The Den Elan Bigknife said that problems were identified in those meetings and that an early plan to make three separate student sections was not well-received.

"It was noticed that the student fan base isn’t what it’s been in the past and that there needs to be something done to make students want to be there, stand the whole game and want to cheer," he said.

. . .

Bigknife said that The Den was willing to give up its seats at center court to create a more cohesive environment.

"We’re moving from the best seat in the house to behind the basket, but it was reasonable to sacrifice those seats to gain an environment where people want to cheer," Bigknife said. "It’s a loss in viewership, but it’s an increase in the quality of the student environment."

I don’t buy it for a second. 

The Daily Bruin reporters, Ms. Hill and Mr. Bigknife need to understand just because some dude with a title says something that doesn’t make it true.    I could get snide but I refuse to do that to students.  When I was at UCLA, I made a habit of learning  from my mistakes. I hope the  Daily Bruin reporters, Ms. Hill and Mr. Bigknife take another look at what happened and change their views and protect the students and UCLA basketball. 

And I hope the Daily Bruin staff will cover the carefully measured expressions of displeasure, viz.,outrage, from the loyal Bruins who have gone on before them.

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