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2011 UCLA Spring Game: Followup Notes

Patroclus has already posted a thorough news roundup from Saturday's spring game. peggysue69 posted her own takeaways from the spring game.  Scott Wu also shared some great photos from the game in our fanshots section. If you want to add your own impressions before we close the book on this Spring by sharing your notes from Saturday's game, this is the week to do it. Please share them in the fanposts section or in our comment threads.

UCLA posted a video with highlights from Saturday's action:

Here is their full official wrap up that also includes "scrimmage stats." Gold also posted scrimmage stats on his blog.

Couple of interesting notes from those "stats":

  • Malcolm Jones caught a 16 yard TD "pass" from Brett Hundley. If any of you remember that play, I would love to hear more about details around it. Was that a designed play or was it something Hundley improvised on his own? We have been clamoring for quick strikes to our running backs and tight ends. We didn't see it during the previous offensive coordinator.
  • Nick Crissman is in the mix. According to stats on Gold's blog he got a few reps on Saturday. He completed 2 of 4 passing attempts for 17 yards and also had 5 yards in 2 carries. I think I have seen his name appear in the daily notes before in recent weeks too. How did he look? Did he look like someone who can be around on Saturdays as an "emergency" option?

Anything else of note that stand out from Saturday's game?

Here were Rick Neuheisel's post game comments:

Rick as usual remains upbeat and is looking forward to the Fall. Players have generally exuded that positive theme throughout this spring camp. Adam Maya picked up on that "high note" right before Saturday:

"I've never felt like more of a team than right now," senior safety Tony Dye said. "I haven't had this much fun in practice since I've been here. It's nice to come out here everyday and be excited to go to practice."

The Bruins seem to have bought into defensive coordinator Joe Tresey's amended 4-3 scheme, which calls for more pressures and blitzes.

"We're playing a lot faster because it's a lot simpler," Dye said. "It takes a lot of the thinking out, especially on the D-line. They can just play football."

The players said they also have welcomed offensive coordinator Mike Johnson because of his up-tempo, aggressive approach, and because he has opened things up while keeping the Pistol as the base.

"We hit them deep one play, then we're hitting them short the next play, running it the next," sophomore receiver Ricky Marvray said. "We're going to actually move the ball down the field and make the big plays we need to make."

It is always comforting to hear "positive" words around the program this time of the year. We hope the words will mean something on Saturdays this Fall, starting with Houston on September 3.