#SFatPauley: Bruin Students/Alum Target UCLA AD - Launch Petition to Restore Students' Sideline Seats

Bumped. Sign the petition today. - BN Eds.

UPDATE II (HM): We have reached 700 signatures! Keep them coming Bruins! Keep reaching out to your classmates, people you may know at work. I'm finding that people I talk to, STILL know little to nothing about this. Yet, when they learn they cannot help but feel strongly about this. Keep spreading the word!

UPDATE (BN): The petition is catching fire now. Over 250 signatures in already today. If you have not done it yet, Sign the petition today and pass it on to everyone else.

In the past week a small number of students and myself embarked on an ambitious plan to collect signatures of those opposed to the Morgan Center's decision to remove the student section from the Pauley Pavilion sideline.

To be clear; our goal is to restore the Student Section to Pauley Pavilion as it was described in the original Campaign of Champions seating guide. It illustrates a student section that stretches the length of an entire sideline and behind one basket forming an "L" shape.



We further believe the student section should be placed opposite the Television Cameras so that we may "enhance visitor and student amenities" and directly "impact recruiting." (Quotes are taken from the COC Seating Guide).

Sign the petition today. You can sign by going here. Please help get the word out by linking this on Facebook or Tweeting using the buttons at the bottom of this post.

Follow me after the jump to learn more onhow you can help.

The first step is obvious: if you agree with us, sign the petition; then do everything you can to gather signatures. This is one of those opportunities where everyone of us can do something for the greater good. Everyone of us can reach out to old classmates and encourage them to get on board. If they know nothing about this; this is your opportunity to inform them about what's going on. There is an email function that will allow you to email up to five friends at once. You also have the ability to 'like' it on facebook. Do not rest once you have informed your friends and classmates. Check in with them later, remind them it will only take 30 seconds of their time but it directly impact UCLA students, alumni, and our cherished Athletics program for years to come.

Don't forget to put the link up on your facebook or myspace pages and/or Tweet this to all of your friends.

If you prefer the cut and paste method, the full URL is:

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