#SFatPauley - Open Questions for Students: What Has the UCLA AD Done For You?

Except for an ill-advised and illogical defense of the seating plan from one of the Den Leaders, the reaction from students here on and places like UCLA's Facebook page (keep the comments coming) have been overwhelmingly negative.

Thanks again to all the students (and alums) who have been speaking up. If you have not done it, please do it at UCLA's FB page.

Here is another line of discussion that is worth having in this community. We are interested in hearing from current students about what UCLA athletics have done to improve their experience as sports consuming students on campus.

Share with us ... what has UCLA athletics done ... to develop a rabid student following of our hoops and football programs on campus?

Can you list any specific marketing strategies and tactics to get students to fill up spring football practices or out of conference games during hoops season?

Have they plastered the campus with ads, reach out to students with videos?

What kind of student specific "logistics" DG has rolled out in recent years on campus? Were they effective? If not why?

Please share in this comment thread about what you know. We are specifically looking for feedback from students who are not necessarily designated "leaders" on campus.

This will help us as we think out our plans around the current mess and dealing with Dan Guerrero, who is getting exposed on number of fronts for not being very good at his job.

So speak up ... what has UCLA athletics done for you?

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