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Spaulding Roundup: Scrimmaging Through The Spring

Richard is still The Man, though Coach Neuheisel has some issues...
Richard is still The Man, though Coach Neuheisel has some issues...

For the first time this spring, the Bruins practiced on consecutive days, following up their Monday afternoon practice with another session yesterday. In another sign of the evolution of the sessions as they run along was the 40-play scrimmage run to cap off practice. Gold thought the scrimmage "impressive", with Dietrich Riley making his presence felt (by Anthony Barr). Speaking of Riley, there were more words devoted to him in the Daily News's wrapup of practice:

Riley had a fantastic practice, was extremely active and generally looks like one of the better players on the team. His body is filling out in the way it needs to fill out, and I would be surprised if he didn't continue to take a big leap going into the season.

As discussed in yesterday's practice roundup, Cassius Marsh found himself in a slight brouhaha, but bounced right back yesterday, coming out strong in drills, and reacting well to the emotions unleashed during the prior day.

"Cassius was terrific," Neuheisel said. "He came back with the right attitude. He understands we're competing, and I think that's just where everyone on the football team needs to be, not just him."

While Dietrich and Cassius performed well on Tuesday, the Quarterbacks were not at their sharpest. Brett Hundley looked like the freshman that he is; during his postgame talk with the media, Coach Neuheisel stated that Hundley is not yet a game-ready QB, but a player that once he has enough of the playbook down and knows what he can do, will be a very productive QB for the Bruins. Richard Brehaut's solid performance through drills on Tuesday was overshadowed by a scrimmage pick that Neuheisel, Gold and the OC Register all emphasized in the aftermath of practice.

"That was the one that about put an arrow through my heart," Neuheisel said. "I want it error free. That doesn't mean he's going to hit every pass. But in terms of his reads and progressions, one time today was a blast from the past."

Coach Neuheisel added further words on Brehaut during his post-practice Q&A, bringing up his double duty with the baseball team and theorizing that it may be keeping Richard's head from 'fully being in the game' at this stage of the practices.

The performance of Jordon James led to the most encouraging quote of the day, supplied by Jon Gold:

Jordon James again drew some oohs and aahs, including on a beautifully executed designed backfield pass that he caught in stride and took about 11 steps before any defensive player approached him. A guy next to me in the stands: "I haven't seen that play since MJD."

There are a couple of pieces in the local papers/blogs on Bruin players looking to preserve their starting spot in 2011, or trying to make a name for themselves to the coaching staff this month. 

The OC Register's practice recap led off talking about Johnathan Franklin's attempt to reduce his issues in retaining possession of the ball, working on both the technical approach of carrying the ball as well as his mental approach. Meanwhile, Jon Gold wrote about a pair of Loyola-LA alums on the Bruins: Redshirt freshman Tight End John Young, starting off well in an attempt to earn playing time in the fall, and Anthony Barr looking to show his big play ability out of the F-back spot.

The Bruins are off today, before returning to Spaulding for their next practice session on Thursday.