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Spaudling Roundup: Videos From UCLA Spring Camp Edition

Number of spring football related videos have shown up on the Tube since the start of spring practice. We have put up few of them in roundups and fanshots. Few of them have slipped by. Here is an attempt to put together few them in one post.

Don't think this first video has been shared shared here yet. Peter Yoon put up comments from both new coaches (along with some regular faces) after first day of practice: First practice for UCLA's new coordinators (via PeterYoonESPN)

I have no comment to add to their thoughts. I will have to wait to see how the team performs this Fall. Some specific player interviews after the jump.

Jordan Zumwalt was demoted in the depth chart earlier this week. He seemed to be taking it all in stride in this discussion with Ralph:

UCLA LB Jordan Zumwalt after spring practice (via UCLA)

Ralph didn't bring up the demotion but he did ask Jordan about how he is adjusting to the new staff.

Ralph also caught up with Tony Dye who talked about the new DC:

UCLA Safety Tony Dye after Day 2 of UCLA Spring Practice (via UCLA)

Dye says everyone has "bought in." We hear those phrases a lot in spring football camps all around the country this time of the year.

On the offensive side Jon Gold caught up with F-Back Damien Thigpen:

UCLA Junior F-Back Damien Thigpen Spring Practice 4/5 (via InsideUCLA71)

He sounded excited how has been used in the new offense.

Hope springs eternal ...I guess ... for UCLA football.