#SFatPauley: Den Leader Thinks His Chosen Elite Should Decide Future Seating for all Future Bruins

If you've been following BN, you already know that the student leaders who took Guerrero's 30 silver pieces to sell out the student body have caught a lot of flak and have been openly called our for selling-out. Well, things got a bit more interesting.

Recently, the Daily Bruin rolled out another soft, puff piece that failed to ask Morgan Center's lying scumbag Mark Harlan any hard questions, despite the obvious contradictions, lies, and misinformation he was putting out on the record. However, in that puff piece, the Daily Pravda Bruin, among other gems, was this one:

Den President Elan Bigknife said he is shocked that a vote to gauge student response to the change in seating was proposed, because students have not spoken up about their disappointment.

He added that he is concerned that students will be voting on the measure out of context, with the only information coming from the ballot. Athletics’ marketing targeted student ticket holders – those who are going to the games and therefore actually affected by the changes made to their seats, Bigknife said.

Hmm, so it sounds like these Den leaders are of the opinion that only him and his hand-picked crew should get to decide where the student section is. And not just for this upcoming season or two, but for decades to come. These Den elite think they should have the lone say in a decision that will impact thousands of current UCLA students and hundreds of thousands of future UCLA students.

Student input from the entire campus? Free and fair vote? Democracy?

Naw, Comrade Bigknife says not necessary: him and his boys should get to decide. The rest of you? You're not worthy enough to have an input. After all, these are the same guys, who with lying scumbag Mark Harlan, tried to push the mantra that "the students wanted to be put behind the basket" based on their cooked data and claims that "7,000" students were surveyed (read: actually 700).

Hopefully the students aren't listening to the lame, Morgan Center backed talking points from these Den "leaders" who are in full Stockholm Syndrome mode.

Maybe, just maybe, Bigknife and his Stockholm-ed buddies will take a step back and realize they've been used by Dan G. like a cheap condom and resume the fight to have a unified student section that keeps students on the sidelines, like it has been since Coach's days.


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