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#SFatPauley Updates: Anthony Stover Urges Students to Vote to Save Sideline Seating, SBN Starts Coverage

Don't forget to sign the petition to get students back on the sidelines today and also join Facebook event asking UCLA students to vote to restore court-side seating.

We have some rather dramatic developments on the campaign to preserve student sideline seating at Pauley. Let's go with our latest recruit. He is none other than Mr. Anthony Stover!!


Stover just signed up to attend the Facebook event asking students to vote to save sideline seating for our students. Note how he is speaking on behalf of the entire team. I also don't think it's a stretch to say Stover is one of most popular players in the current team.

This should send as strong as signal out there to entire UCLA student population that our team wants them to VOTE NO on the Pauley student seating question and STOP Morgan Center's effort to destroy a 40+ year old tradition around Coach Wooden's program.

Well done Anthony! That is how you step up to follow the examples set by legends of Bruins who played for Coach. We are not done yet. More good news after the jump.

SBNation has become the first major national media outlet to recognize the huge developing story in Westwood. They have a story stream up with two posts. Here is Jason's first post on how Morgan Center is threatening traditional UCLA student seating section:

About a month ago, the UCLA Bruins athletic department sent out a press release on some so-called enhancements being done to the student section at Pauley Pavilion. Bruins Nation, SB Nation's UCLA community, immediately smelled a rat, breaking down the proposed new seating arrangement, digging up the survey that admins used to justify the move and calling for the school to investigate the "cooked" survey.

As it is, students are split up into two locations: behind one goal and along one sideline. The new plan would bunch them all behind that basket, replacing that sideline student section with older alumni, which would damage Pauley's noise potential and thus home court advantage, according to Bruins Nation.

Like a pack of ... well, bears, Bruins Nation has stayed on the case for a solid week now. They've shared comments from students who feel the higher-ups misled them about the nature of the renovation campaign, started a vigorous social media campaign and responded to a voice of dissent from within student leadership (and within Bruins Nation's own community!).

Jason than published a second post about our efforts picking up support from former prominent players for Coach John Wooden. Major kudos to SBN for being all over this now. We hope other national media outlets will follow their lead. Make sure you stay tuned with their own story stream.

Let's all keep the pressure on. Our strategy is clearly working. If you are in touch with students please remind them to vote. We need everyone to keep the pressure on. Let's get ours students to VOTE NO on the Pauley student seating question and STOP Morgan Center's effort to destroy a 40+ year old tradition around Coach Wooden's program.