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Pete Carroll's Losers, Keary Colbert & Rey Maualuga, Come Unhinged After NCAA Denies Trojan Appeal

Well, that didn't take very long.  After the NCAA slapped down the cheating scumbags from across town and put them in their place, two of Cheatey Petey's losers former players have lashed out at Bruins Nation for reporting that the Second Choice chumps got bent over and spanked by the NCAA.

First, NFL reject Keary Colbert fired off a lame tweet about "beating the dog sh*t" out of UCLA again.  Never mind that flawed logic in taking pride in "beating" a team when it's been proven that you were cheating at the time.  I'm willing to bet that the Bruins would have had a fighting chance if they had a team of semi-pro players getting illegal benefits in a corrupt, morally bankrupt football program at an institution, as the NCAA put it, that displayed a "lack of institutional control, [provided] impermissible inducements, [provided] extra benefits and exceed[ed] coaching staff limits." Here is a screenshot of the tweet in case the chump tries to delete it:


If you're like me, you're probably wondering what a pro athlete is doing firing off tweets at some guys from a rival school running an internet blog/community.  One would think he'd have more important things to do, like train, prepare for the upcoming season, etc.  But, oh yeah, he's a NFL reject.  Which isn't too much of a surprise, given his inability to do the one thing he's paid to do: catch a football.

Three of Stafford's seven incompletions can be pinned directly on Colbert, who might find a pink slip in his locker soon. On Stafford's first snap after replacing starter Daunte Culpepper, he faked a handoff inside, rolled right and threw a perfect strike 20 yards downfield to Colbert, who let the ball go through his hands -- something that was a recurring theme on Saturday.

Follow me after the jump for more break down of this laughably pathetic Trogan tomfoolery.

It shouldn't be a surprise that Stone Hands Keary ended up on his way out of Detroit, eventually being traded from Denver to Seattle for the paltry sum of a single fifth-round draft pick.  Of course, since he is a chump, he got cut from Seattle for being a total bust.

Actually, calling him a total bust is being generous.  The guys at the fine Seattle Seahawks' blog, Field Gulls, were much more blunt, calling Colbert a "waste of resources."  Ouch.

So where is this Trogan loser at nowadays?  Well, he's toiling away for none other than Hello Kiffin, desperately trying to catch on with any NFL team stupid enough to spend money on a wide receiver with a total inability to you know, catch the freakin' football.

I'm not sure what is more pathetic: this chump's failure to do the one thing he's paid to do or the fact he can only come up with a lame swipe at Ryan's post on the NCAA spanking the cheating scumbags from Second Choice.  But, his pathetic attempt to chirp at us shouldn't be a surprise: after all, Stone Hands Keary is the kind of joke "student-athlete" who needed assistance from Senora Ross' "show up and get an automatic passing grade" policy.  So yeah, he's not exactly someone I'd say is packing a whole lot between his ears.

Even more amusing is that after Stone Hands Keary fired off his lame tweet, none other than BN's favorite Trogan thug scumbag, Rey Maualuga Thugaluga re-tweeted Keary's lame tweet.


Ol' Thugaluga has quite the history of malfeasance: from showing his classless misogynism by grinding behind Erin Andrews, to punching someone (twice) without provocation (apparently, seriously injuring the other guy), to whipping Little Rey Rey out in public, to getting drunk and plowing his ride into parked cars and a parking meter, to acting like an aggressive thug at a frat party despite his "anger management" courses from his prior unprovoked attack. Of course, under the Humanitarian's direction, Thugaluga never got any real punishment.

In other words, the thoughts of a barely literate moron from U$C with a penchant for unprovoked violence and endangering our communities with his dangerous drunk driving, don't exactly get a lot of weight.

Just another example of the kind of classless thug SCumbags that ol' Cheatey Petey hired recruiting to play at the University of Second Choice.