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Bruin Bites: Brad Holland Q&A, Neuheisel Heads to the O.C., Another Big Man Visits UCLA, and Jazz Reggae Festival

(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Getty Images

We've been having a bit of fun with a couple of Trogan losers, caught up in our men's baseball team grabbing a share of first place, Larry Scott's morally bankrupt defense of the scumbag cheaters from across town, and of course, the NCAA bringing the little boys from Troy behind the woodshed for another good beating, so this week's Bruin Bites have been a bit delayed.

With that said, here's your bits and pieces of news from around the UCLA-iverse:

  • ESPN is reporting (from the portion not blocked by Insider access only) that Walker Williams, a massive 6'6", 330 pound offensive lineman beast from Tacoma will be visiting UCLA on June 18.  We need every big body we can get along the offensive line.  Williams is also being recruiting by Washington, Oregon State, Colorado, Utah, Wisconsin, and Eastern Washington.
  • Pat Forde at ESPN blasts the "gap-closers" from the Costco Center as underachievers with this choice line: "[t]here is just a little evidence that a Pac-12 school from Los Angeles can win a national title. It's all hanging from the rafters in the Pauley Pavilion on the UCLA campus. But across town, the Trojans have resolutely avoided achieving anything resembling basketball greatness."  True that.
  • Moving to non-athletics news, USAC's Cultural Affairs Commission is again hosting the annual (and very popular) Jazz Reggae Festival this Memorial Day weekend.  The official festival site is here.  Lupe Fiasco, Talib Kweli, and Steel Pulse are among the main acts. If you have the time, head out to the Intramural Fields and check out the largest completely volunteer student run music festival in the United States.  Another example of the impressive things young passionate Bruins can do (now, if we can only redirect some of that passion toward our sports programs).
  • Finally, UCLA researchers continue to do the kind of ground-breaking work that makes UCLA one of the nation's premiere academic institutions.  UCLA researchers have found genetic differences between individuals with autism versus the normal population, which has given medical professionals new insight into autism disorders.
  • That's your Bruin Bites for this long Memorial Day weekend. Fire away with your thoughts.