#SFatPauley - Instructions for UCLA Students: How to Vote No on Seating Plan

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The steps for voting No on the new student section proposal:

1. Go to

2. Login

3. At the top of the page there should be a red box saying "Important! The following feature is only available for a limited time: Election." This apparently does not show up for everyone. If this doesn't appear, there should be a picture of a voting box saying "Election" towards the top of the page on a right.

4. Vote No on the Advisory Vote about the Student Section (2nd from the bottom of the ballot) that states:

For years, UCLA students have occupied the north sideline seats (center court) at UCLA basketball games. The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics has proposed moving all the student seats behind one basket. Do you support his proposal?

5. There should be something that says "continue" or something along those lines at the bottom of the ballot. This brings up a preview of the ballot. Make sure to finalize your vote by selecting Vote at the very end.

Don't forget to sign the petition to get students back on the sidelines today and also join Facebook event asking UCLA students to vote to restore court-side seating.

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