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Dear Larry Scott: Please Install The Law of Gus In Pac-12 Now

Ryan fanshotted this but this deserves frontpage treatment. CBS Sports is losing an icon. That's right Gus Johnson is leaving the network according to Sports Illustrator's Richard Deitsch because he could not agree to a new contract with them. This means we will no longer get to hear Gus call games like this:

I had to find an excuse to share that. It is going to be sad to not be able to hear Gus during March Madness but there is potentially some great news. Here is the kicker from that news story:

Industry sources said Johnson has spoken with Fox Sports about a role in its college football coverage. Fox Sports (which has a 49 percent ownership share in the Big Ten Network) recently upped its inventory of college football as part of the 12-year, $3 billion contract between the Pac-10 (soon to be the Pac-12) and ESPN and Fox.

We need Larry Scott to make this happen. Now. Brian Floyd from Coug Center is already on board. Gus calling Pac-12 football games will make the blockbuster deal from yesterday even better.