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Cold Blooded! Fox & Pac-12 Snags Gus Johnson

Put another point up on the scoreboard for Larry Scott, the Pac-12 and Fox. Last week reports began to surface that CBS failed to agree to a contract with Gus Johnson and that Fox was looking to bring him in to head their college football coverage. With the Pac-12's new TV deal with Fox, that meant Johnson would become the lead man for their football coverage on Fox. Well, according to the New York Daily News' Bob Raissman, it's a done deal.

Gus Johnson, whose frantic play-by-play became a trademark of March Madness, is officially out at CBS and headed to Fox. "CBS declined to match Fox's offer," said an industry source. "They let Johnson's people know today."

Raissman goes on to say that Johnson will go to Fox and do their Pac-12 football and NFL coverage. Talk about a huge win for the Pac-12. Announcers are usually overrated. Unlike decades ago when announcers were a big deal, there are very few today who will make people watch a game they would otherwise pass on. Johnson is one of those few and now he'll be calling the Pac-12.

Johnson is still contracted to do Big 10 basketball for the Big 10 Network so it is unlikely that he does Pac-12 basketball, although doing the Pac-12 Tournament in the years that Fox is contracted to do it is not out of the realm of possibility. It will be a shame that he won't be doing NCAA Tournament coverage anymore because of CBS' loyalty to the dour Jim Nantz, but this is a huge coup for Fox and the Pac-12. HAHA!