US Open Saturday Bruin Open Thread

Heading into the weekend of the US Open, there are three current and former Bruin golfers in the hunt for second place. Patrick Cantlay is following up his All-America freshman year with an even-par first two days, set to tee off momentarally. Brandt Jobe, part of the 1998 NCAA Champion UCLA team finished Friday tied for 8th place at -1, and is set to tee off just after Cantlay. Kevin Chappell has already started his 3rd round, shooting -1 through the first 5 holes, and is now at par for the Open. A live leaderboard for the tournament is here, and a video feed can also be seen here.

Rory Mcilroy may be impossible to catch this weekend, but some of our Bruins can make a run through the leaderboard. For the golf fans of Bruins Nation, this is you open thread.



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