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2011 NBA Draft Open Thread - Bruin Edition

Tonight is the night that Tyler Honeycutt and Malcolm Lee have been waiting for most of their lives, the 2011 NBA Draft. Coverage of the draft will begin at 4pm PDT on ESPN (with an online stream at, with the first selection scheduled to be made at about 4:30 PM. Cleveland has the #1 pick, courtesy of the Clippers, while Minnesota will be looking for a new playmate for Kevin Love at #2. Of interest to members of this community, the Lakers have the #41, #56 and #58 picks (having traded their 1st round pick to the Nets; the Clippers have the #37 and #47 picks (having traded their 1st round pick - which became the #1 overall pick - to Cleveland; and the Golden State Warriors have the #11 and #44 picks.

Unfortunately for fans of the California NBA teams, neither of tonight's expected Bruin draftees are expected to remain in the Golden State past tonight. DC Bruins touched upon their respective draft situations this morning. Malcolm Lee has impressed in recent workouts, and may have worked his way into the 1st round of tonight's festivities - a significant achievement, particularly with the resulting guaranteed contract in a year where there is such a level of labor strife in the Association. Tyler Honeycutt has been projected anywhere from the end of the lottery to the end of the 1st round. SBN's collaborative mock draft, consisting of the network's NBA blogs making the selections for their team, did not see Honeycutt picked in the 1st round, for what it is worth; while Yahoo has Tyler going to the Celtics with the 25th pick.

This is your open thread for all of tonight's action. Go Bruins, and Good Luck!

The current draft order of the top-half of the opening round, reflecting trades through 3pm today is:

1. Cleveland (from LA Clippers)

2. Minnesota

3. Utah (from New Jersey)

4. Cleveland

5. Toronto

6. Washintgon

7. Charlotte (From Sacramento)

8. Detroit

9. Charlotte

10. Sacramento (from Milwaukee)

11. Golden State

12. Utah

13. Phoenix

14. Houston

15. Indiana