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We're in the middle of the offseason, folks.  I'm devoid of anything relevant to talk about, so why not play some name association with other schools?  What is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to these schools?  It could be a player, coach, moment, or venue.  We'll start with the ACC:

Miami at Boston College. Photo Credit: benostrander (flickr)

 I'll try to post these for every major conference throughout the summer.  Enjoy!

BOSTON COLLEGE - Having attended BU for grad school, the first thing that I think of when it comes to BC is seeing all of those damn "Superfan" shirts on the T.  There was also this little hockey tournament in Boston called the "Beanpot".  Not that I'm counting, but BU has won it 29 times to BC's 16.

CLEMSON - I'm a closet Clemson fan.  The affair dates back to watching RichRod unveil his spread option to the world with one Woody Dantzler.  I like their bright colors, I like their stadium and famous entrance.

DUKE - I'm not sure if anyone thinks about anything but Cameron Indoor.  I used to despise the program, but I've grown to admire it.  Coach K does a fantastic job making sure that the program never misses a beat and that the fans never lose their rabid interest.  

FLORIDA STATE - Charlie Ward.  The helmet comes in a close second, but I can still remember watching Charlie Ward lead the Noles.  Frankly, I still remember watching them lose to ND, only to be bailed out by BC.  What a player, what a team.

GEORGIA TECH - There is a lot here, but the first thing that comes to my mind is the triple option.  I could have easily gone with any number of their great point guards, but it wouldn't be honest.  The first thing that came to my head was the triple option.  I'll give an honorary shout out to the climactic scene in Rudy.  

MARYLAND - I was once in Rome and got drunk with the Maryland basketball team.  It was a blast.  Of course I remember Joe Smith and Juan Dixon, but that night in Rome was epic.

MIAMI - A nephew of one of my childhood heroes played basketball there. However, the obvious choice here is their football program.  One image sticks in my mind.

NORTH CAROLINA - When I grew up, Michael Jordan was already on the Bulls.  North Carolina really wasn't very exciting.  They were good, but not exciting.  Then Vince Carter came along.  Wow, just wow.

NORTH CAROLINA ST. - In 2005, NC State went 7-5.  In the 2006 NFL Draft, NC State had three defensive lineman chosen in the first round.  How does that happen?  Chuck Amato.  

VIRGINIA - In 1996-97, Virginia had Harold Deane and Curtis Staples in the backcourt.  My memory may be off, but I remember them launching 3-pointers every time they came down the court.  Also, Tiki Barber did not score.

VIRGINIA TECH - Mike Vick.  In the 1999 National Championship game, Mike Vick was so dominant that guys blew out their knees trying to tackle him.  He was so incredibly good that he was going to revolutionalize football.  Then very bad things happened.  VT is forever tied to Mike Vick in my mind, both the good and the bad.

WAKE FOREST - Tim Duncan might be the easy answer, but I remember Randolph Childress.  If you don't know what he did in the 1995 ACC Tournament, it is stuff of legend.

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