Lauren Cheney rocks for USA National Soccer team

I didn't see this anywhere, so if I thought I would share. If it was already posted and I missed it, I apologize. I am not a huge soccer fan. However, I am obviously a huge UCLA fan, no matter what the sport. Also, I am a huge fan of international events, whether it be the World Cup or the Winter and Summer Olympics. When the two collide, I get pretty pumped up.

Well, over the weekend one of our Bruin women did red, white, and blue proud. Former Bruin soccer stud Lauren Cheney scored the only goal, in stoppage time, against Mexico to give the USA a 1-0 win against Mexico. It was actually an incredible game because the Mexico goalie played incredible and made some insane saves to keep her team in the game. However, late in the game, Cheney scored a wicked goal from far out that hit perfectly into the top left corner of the net to give the American's the win.

I actually watched the game periodically because of who was playing, and it was pretty intense. It was the last game (friendly) before the World Cup, and Cheney made sure WE would be coming into the event with a win.........and an emotional one at that. Here is a link if you are interested enough to read more.

When I saw Cheney score the goal, Bruin pride rushed through my body like a shot of adrenaline. Great job. GO USA!

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