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Welcome to the Pac-12 Era

Today is the magic day for conference realignment in the NCAA. Nebraska made its move from the Big XII to the Big 10 official this morning, Boise State is moving from the WAC to the Mountain West, taking the place of BYU, which changed its non-football allegiances from the Mountain West Conference to the WCC. But the big news for our purposes is the evolution of our conference from the Pac-10 into the Pac-12, brought to bear by the addition of the Colorado Buffaloes from the Big XII, and the Utah Utes from the Mountain West. While the biggest effect on the preexisting conference members is likely having to sew new logos on uniforms, and putting a new sign on the office door at the Pac's Walnut Creek Headquarters, it is a slightly bigger deal for the new admittees:

An estimated crowd of 2,000 fans attended the gathering and cheered through remarks by Utah athletics director Chris Hill, Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott, U.S. congressman Jim Matheson, U.S. senator Orrin Hatch, interim university president Lorris Betz, student body president Neela Pack and Utah Lt. Gov. Greg Bell.

The 30-minute program ended with Bell's official declaration of "Utah Pac-12 Day" in the state, the release of several red and white balloons and a rousing rendition of the school song.

While the scene in Boulder was not as extravagant, the Governor of Colorado and Mayor of Boulder were on hand to declare today to be Pac-12 day in Colorado. The Pac-12 released a statement to mark the occasion on its website, and invited the editors of BlockU and The Ralphie Report to share their thoughts on their schools joining the Pac.

Welcome to the Pac-12, Colorado and Utah. Be sure to head over to BlockU and Ralphie Report to get their take on today's occasion and to welcome them to the club.