The Dirt From The Den: 2011 Edition

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Photo Credit: JM Rosenfeld

Hey guys, we at the Den wanted to introduce ourselves, as the Den is now run by a new staff from last year. My roommates and I are now sort of in the leadership position and we wanted to let you guys know, if you have any suggestions that we could possibly do to help student involvement we are all ears.

Also, this year I plan on posting all the Dirt from the Den here, so any links to fun things about other teams would be highly appreciated. Of course you will get credit for it, and I think it would add another level of fun to game-day for everyone. 

My personal contact info is after the jump, and if you would like to contact me about anything feel free. 


My email is, and if you have any concerns or suggestions PLEASE let me know.


Rob Ewing

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