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2011 World Cup Open Thread: Lauren Cheney's USA v. Colombia

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Good morning everyone. I know there are lot of soccer fanatics on BN. So I am throwing up a quick open thread to watch our women's national team playing in its second world cup game against Colombia. The game is already in second half with about 30 minutues to go. Yanks are up 3-0 and the second goal was set up by none other than our Lauren Cheney.

Lauren Cheney is looking awesome as she is off to a fantastic start in this World Cup as she scored the first goal for Team USA:

Cheney was relentless in the attack, repeatedly peppering North Korean goalkeeper Hong Myong Hui. Hong managed to corral all of Cheney's shots until the 54th minute, when Wambach sprinted up the left flank, turned a North Korean defender around with a nifty step and then served up a perfect cross that Cheney headed into the net. The goal erased all the nerves the Americans had been feeling, and they dominated the North Koreans the rest of the game. [...]

"That feeling is surreal," Cheney said. "To be on the field, it's just pure joy."

She will tell you though that it is all about her team and the team is off to a great start. Follow them in this open thread. Also, for those who missed it, video of Cheney's goal after the jump.

Here was Lauren's goal (and game winner) against North Korea:

And a little bonus ... just weeks ago she hit this incredible game winner against Mexico: