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Signs of 2011 Season: UCLA Releases Official Football Media Guide

I am sure all of us are getting really antsy for the arrival of the football season. Today we get the first official sign that it is lurking right around the corner. UCLA releases its official 2011 media guide today. Take a look:


As usual the guide includes updated bios on the Bruin players and coaches as well as records and history of the program. What is a little different this year though that the guide in addition to the regular downloadable pdf version also provides a page turning/interaction (Flash) version as well.

Take a look. Pour through it. Specifically please take a close look at the updated roster and depth chart. We would love to get your quick impressions on who stands out when you compare these charts to the one from spring (See official spring football outlook and post-spring depth chart). So fire away with your quick takes in this thread.

We can't wait for season to get started.