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UCLA Basketball: Talking About the Future While Looking at the Past

In the last basketball post, Ryan wrote a good reality post about the lack of a true home stadium next year but let me deal in this basketball post not about the reality of this upcoming season season but about dreams of the future. 

Yesterday there was a basketball game between two of the leading high school club teams, the Atlanta Celtics and Dream Vision.  To no one's surprise the now universally regarding as the number one high school player dominated the game in spectacular fashion in front of Coach K, CBH, and a handful of other top college coaches.   

It was incredibly impressive, most of all, because his team came behind to beat the Atlanta Celtics, a team that's one of the more stacked groups in the country. Muhammad had 38 points, continuing his trend of filling up scorebooks this month. His 38 comes in an economical way, if that makes sense. He's certainly not a ballhog.

UCLA is  leading in the recruitment of Shabazz and he is looking like everything he is supposed to be.  But better news for Bruins fans was not the play of the Shabazz, the top recruit in the nation, but the recruit ranked at #66.  As was reported in various places on Twitter, UCLA commit Jordan Adams had 37 or 39 points in the same game:

Dream Vision gets the win 87-80. Stars of the game: Shabazz Muhammad and Jordan Adams

Tough ... Jordan Adams just hit a 3 pter w/ defender alllllllllll over him #Super64

UCLA bound Jordan Adams with huge 3. 81-80 DV with 1 minute left

Jordan Adams has 21 at half! W/ 5 3 pters. Ben Howland must be happy #

Krzyzewski, calipari, donovan, howland, et, al, watching jordan adams toy with dream vision

Jordan player in game right now..feathery touch and some nifty passes

While Shabazz is still Howland's most important recruiting target, Jordan Adams is showing that he too can be a key star for the Bruins for years to come, by flat-out dominating in what amounts to a high school all-star game.

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I am not saying this comparison is perfect or even fits.  But I am going to say something here because it is July and I am too nervous to think about football and would rather dream about basketball.  Remember when we had Kevin Love and Russell Westbrook?  Everyone knew KL was special from day one, so they didn't always notice that RW was amazing in his own right. 

As CBH was quoted in ESPN yesterday:

The one that got away: Kevin Love. "There are always more successes than failures, but the ones that really kill you are the guys you get and then they leave. I told Kevin that this year he led the NBA in rebounding as a college senior. That's pretty good."

The best discovery: Russell Westbrook. "Russell was under the radar, didn't sign early. I thought he'd be good, but did I think he'd be an all-pro? No, I'm not that smart."

We were all thinking about KL but that team's defensive ace was RW.  RW had the most memorable dunk of the season and was Pac-10 defensive player of the year.  Yet he was not even Pippen to Jordan in KL talk in the media (DC had that role).  Most of the focus and talk was on KL.

Jordan Adams scores 37 or 39 in a game (official stats do not appear available at this time).  He single-handedly carries his team and puts them down by one with a minute left and the only stories I can find talk about, not Adams, but what a great game Shabazz had. 

Shabazz is the real deal and I hope UCLA gets him.  Shabazz is going to be a pro player and would learn so much more from CBH then he would from a Calipari.  But the CBH ESPN quote and the tweets, reminded me that regardless of what happens with Shabazz we should not forget that our Jordan is looking pretty good. He could very well be the underhyped future star in waiting, like our own high flying RW.

Go Bruins.