Update On Injury Status of Sophomore CB - Anthony Jefferson

As usual Chris Foster from the LA Times rushed out some news on Anthony Jefferson today:

UCLA cornerback Anthony Jefferson might miss the season because of a back injury, according to a person in the program who is not authorized to talk.

Jefferson, a redshirt freshman, was expected to compete for a starting spot, but he has been unable to work out due to back pain caused by an injured disc. He will choose between rest and surgery to solve the problem.

That is certainly a note we have to keep an eye on. Foster more than dutifully concern trolls about Bruins being "thin" at CB. I don't necessarily see this as some kind of crisis. Brandon Sermons is coming back from an injury. He was a talented recruit. So he could be a viable option.  We can further move Tevin McDonald - a talented red shirt freshman - from FS to CB as well. Currently McDonald is third in the depth chart and it would be cool to get him some PT. There is also true freshman Anthony Thompson, a late signee, who could be an intriguing athlete to keep an eye on.

So yes, we should keep an eye on the Jefferson injury situation but don't get anxious from anything you read from Foster. You should always read his stuff with grain of salt anyway.


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