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Bruin Bites: Bauer Signs in Arizona, Keefer Tears Up Cape Cod, and Jefferson Update

Wow.  It's been an action-packed four days since we last checked in.  First, Howland got a commitment from Dominic Artis, the future PG for UCLA.  Meanwhile, we were discussing Dan Guerrero and the upcoming 2011 football season.  We also had a flurry of football notes and breakdowns, beginning with Nestor breaking down some initial pointers from the fall depth chart, followed up by the Spaulding Roundup of news and information coming from the football program, and ultimately followed by the disappointing news that Brett Hundley will miss parts of fall camp due to a tore meniscus. On the flip side, we got a run down of how John Savage has been keeping the baseball program flying high on the recruiting trail. Turning back to football, BN began the first part of a three part break down and preview of this 2011 football squad, starting with a preview/overview of the special teams unit.  Finally, the Pac-12 made some of the biggest waves, beginning with the annual conference media day on Tuesday, and following up with the massive news that the Pac-12 network has officially come to fruition through agreements with Time Warner, Comcast, and Cox.  Sadly, our run-down ends on a couple of somber notes, as it appears that not only has Josh Smith gained some (unneeded) weight, the Bruins have lost Jerime Anderson for at least the season opener, if not substantially longer, for his role in a laptop theft on campus. So for now, JA is no longer JA, but Jerime Anderson.

With that, let's turn to the bits and pieces of news from around the UCLA-iverse:

  • While not directly related to UCLA, in Los Angeles football news, it appears the city is moving closer to having a football stadium downtown, agreeing to a "Memorandum of Understanding" with AEG.  Now, the city just needs to find a NFL team willing to return to a very large market (but one that could not sustain the interest of either the Raiders or the Rams).  Possible teams who could relocate include the Jaguars, the Bills, and the Vikings.
  • Speaking of the Vikings, former UCLA wide receiver Dominique Johnson signed an undrafted free agent contract with Minnesota.  If you recall, Dominique transferred to Cal Poly SLO following the 2008-2009 season for family reasons.  Unfortunately for UCLA, the 6'4", 200 pound WR had a decent career at Cal Poly, which isn't a surprise given the potential he showed (still image here) during his time in Westwood.  Let's wish him luck in Minnesota.
  • Finally, following up on the injury news Nestor originally posted, CB Anthony Jefferson will undergo minor surgery and is expected to be out for four to eight weeks.  While it's a blow to the Bruin secondary because Jefferson was expected to make some waves this year, the Bruins still have reliable depth (Brandon Sermons, Andrew Abbott) as well as an experienced transfer in Jaime Graham from Vanderbilt (who doesn't have to sit out because he's enrolling as a graduate student).

    And that's your bits and pieces of news from around the UCLA-iverse for the tail end of this work week.  Fire away with your thoughts in the thread.