The Son Also Rises (to be a Bruin)

If you remember, Rick Neuheisel's son was signed to a grant-in-aid last February.

Inevitably, some people questioned the decision.  The first question was, is Jerry good enough to deserve being on the UCLA football team?  The second question was, is it a wise decision by Neuheisel to have his son playing for him?  Ever the optimist/comedian, CRN points out an interesting fact:

“First recruit I had to sleep with his mom to get him,” Neuheisel said. “Don’t ask her (his wife Susan) how that went.” 

To answer the first question, Jerry is a 3-star recruit according to Rivals, and a 2-star recruit according to Scout.  I will venture to say that UCLA has offered scholarships to worse players in the past.  Furthermore, there was at least one other Pac-12 coach (Dennis Erickson) who would have offered him a spot.  Coach Erickson would have some experience with that, since his son Bryce is the current RB coach at ASU.  The thing is, he does not even take up a scholarship.  In that sense, his presence on the team could not possibly be worse than that of the Law Firm, McLeod Bethel Thompson (who was a walk-on and is now with Sacramento State).

To answer the second question, frankly I think it is moot right now.  Jerry is buried in the depth chart and would likely remain so unless there is a a meteoric rise in his ability. It is very unlikely that he will be involved in game planning, or that he would even appear in a game at this point.  Again, you never know, but in any case you always need players for the scout teams and there are worse things to do than getting a player with his pedigree. 

The bottom line is that this is a very different situation than the Cody Hawkins/Dan Hawkins disaster in Colorado:  Cody Hawkins was good enough to compete for the starting job, on that team and on others.  The dilemma in that case resides in the fact that their relationship could have clouded Dan Hawkins' judgment, and people will question that judgment at the first sign of trouble.  I don't think such a dilemma will ever arise with CRN and his son.

Finally, there is a third question that many people simply fail to ask:  what does Jerry want?  Well let's see, you grew up with two Bruin parents who love their alma mater and bleed blue and gold...and there's that thing about a great campus, a wonderful is it any surprise that Jerry would say:

‘Dad, I want to go to UCLA whether you’re there or not.’

Now how could you turn away such a smart kid?  My guess is he might have become a Bruin even if he didn't get to play football...

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