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[UPDATED] UCLA Basketball: Anderson's Priorities

UPDATE: Anderson's Attorney stated the following (emphasis mine):

"He's really sorry and embarrassed and humiliated for whatever judgment he used that day," Artz said.

Asked if that was an admission his client had done something wrong, Artis said, "One can draw inferences from that. ... Clearly, Jerime is a young man who has no prior arrests or contacts with the law. For him to be arrested, it's a major blow and he's extremely sorry and humiliated."

Artz would not address the specifics of the case, saying he had not seen any police reports and had only spoken briefly with Anderson.

"I would suggest everyone remember there's a presumption of innocence," Artz said.


While it may be admirable for Reeves Nelson to stick by his teammate and passionately say "I pray no UCLA fans talk bad about Jerime.  Only 1 person never made any mistakes.  We will learn from this & get better."  Regardless of whether Anderson is guilty or not, this is a serious time in Jerime's lfe.  Jerime has had a self-admitted problem in the past of partying too much  (according to Jerime that is what he did too much of after his freshman season), so now after his arrest what is Jerime doing?  Going ahead with a big party:

Or, as listed on Facebook, the "I LOVE COLLEGE!!! ATHLETES PARTY! August 5th Hosted By Jerime Anderson."

. . .

So, in light of Anderson's arrest, pressing matter: Is the party still on?

After posting $20,000 bail at the West Hollywood sheriff's station, Anderson is scheduled to appear at the LAX courthouse at 4 p.m. today. However, fellow party-planner Edgar Garibay, a forward for rivaling Loyola Marymount University, assures us Anderson will still make it to the August 5 event:

"Jerime will still be there," he says. "I talked to him yesterday, and there's some bullshit going on, but he'll be all right." Plus, the LMU baller adds, UCLA frosh Anthony Stover has confirmed his attendance, as well. (OK, that's it -- we're in.)


Now maybe the friend is wrong.  But in any case this seems like very poor judgment.  Jerime, I hope this is all a big mistake but in any case, this is not a time for a big party. 

In fact, it's the kind of short-sighted, almost entitled attitude we'd expect from a USB Trogan.  Very disappointing, to say the least.

Go Bruins