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The 12-Pack Adds Clemson in the Conference Re-Draft


The Twelve Pack at 7:  Encircling the country and cutting out Forida.

With the 1st pick of the 7th round and the 37th pick overall, the Twelve Pack selects Clemson University.  Swing by the Clemson blog, Shakin The Southland to welcome the Clemson Tigers to the Twelve Pack. 

Fresh off of grabbing the dominant basketball program in the land, our Comissioner at BC Interruption led the 12 Pack back to an historic football program that also boasts a consistently solid basketball program, another public school with good academics, a growing media market, and a fantastic road trip destination with some lovely scenery.  Clemson solidifies the 12-Pack's hold in the South and provides a natural rival for the neghboring Georgia Bulldogs who are less than 80 miles away (and considering traffic, they can probably get at each other in less time than it takes for us to get to the Crapasseum).  Our good friend T Kyle King at Dawg Sports wrote an excellent piece (and book) about the long history between Clemson and Georgia which dates back to 1897.

The teams (and blogs) that make up the Twelve Pack now include: Texas (Barking Carnival, Burnt Orange Nation); Georgia (Dawg Sports); U.C.L.A. (Bruins Nation), Wisconsin (Bucky's 5th QuarterWashington (UW Dawg Pound), Duke (Duke Basketball Report) and now Clemson (Shakin The Southland).  Tell me that doesn't look like a monster athletic conference.

As the map shows, we are also insuring 12-Pack dominance not just by encircling the nation, but also by geographically excluding Florida altogether.  It's like a quarantine.  With Florida being the second largest athletic program behind Texas and the number 2 overall pick in the Re-Draft, we are simply isolating the pestilence from the rest of the country.  Losing Miami, FSU, and Florida International along with the Gators is not even so much a collateral loss as much as an added bonus.  You're welcome, America.

The Twelve Pack steamrolls along, continuing to add to its collection of the most prestigious and historic athletic programs, the biggest revenues, the smartest students, the best road trip destinations, the prettiest girls, and the best geography.  About the only thing we don't have right now is the most modesty.  Which is completely understandable.

Round 7 continues and the Twelve Pack will pick again at #48, the last spot of the 8th round.  Who should we get?  Get your opinions in here on BN, or direct to our comissioner Brian at BC Interruption.