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Bruin Bites: Football Watch Lists, State Budget Impacts, and Run Forest (Braden) Run

That's right folks: we're already half-way to the weekend: don't you just love these four day work weeks?  Anyway, since we last checked in, Patroclus broke down the boldness of new defensive coordinator Joe Tresey's hiring and defensive schemes, hosted another installment of AllHailMightyBruins' name association game (this time for the dozen schools calling themselves the Big-10), picked up an important football commitment, discussed UCLA's prospects for maintaining its position as the top university in NCAA championships, checked in for the results of the seventh round of the SBN Conference Re-Draft (our conference picked up Clemson), and told petulant spoiled brat Jrudas Jrue Holiday to take his bitter hatred and sniping at Ben Howland somewhere else.  Most importantly, we took some time to reflect on the meaning and importance of our great republic on Independence Day.

With that, here's your bits and pieces of news from around the UCLA-iverse:

And that wraps up your mid-week round-up of Bruin Bites from around the UCLA-iverse.  Fire away with your comments, tidbits of news, and thoughts.