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Update on Jerime Anderson, Steps Back from Party and Apologizes

Jerime Anderson partied away his best chance to be the starting UCLA PG between his freshman and sophomore years.  While facing something even more serious in felony criminal charges, Jerime seemingly still planned to attend a party he helped organized.  Jerime is now pulling back from that:

"I will not be attending any social events and I am saddened and disappointed for my lack of judgment," the post said.

. . . "He was involved in this party and now he’s not and he’s trying to make it clear," [His lawyer] Artz said. "He had the event scheduled prior to making a huge mistake. Now he's not going to this party or any party."

I am glad Anderson is now taking things more seriously.  However the question remains: is it again too little, too late?  In 2009-10, Anderson's lack of effort and dedication led to his inability to play PG at the Pac-10 level and caused him to be benched despite CBH not having a backup.  Anderson's problems were many but he admitted that he partied too much and did not work at his game, instead taking the PG position as his right.  It was a key reason for UCLA's first losing season not related to Steve Lavin since pre-Wooden. 

Just as Anderson admired his mistakes after his freshman season, Jerime is again admitting using "poor judgment" this time after his junior season:

UCLA guard Jerime Anderson, arrested last week for stealing a laptop computer, made his first public comments about the incident in a Facebook post over the weekend.

"I am terribly sorry and embarrassed for my conduct and poor judgment that I’ve used recently," Anderson wrote in the post on his personal Facebook page, according to a UCLA spokesman and confirmed by his attorney, Jon Artz. "I have embarrassed my family, friends, teammates, coaches and university and I am extremely sorry for that."

Now this time Anderson's lack of "judgment" may be costing himself more:

UCLA senior guard Jerime Anderson is scheduled for an arraignment at the Airport Courthouse on Sept. 27 to face charges of grand theft. He was accused of stealing a laptop Tuesday. Anderson has been suspended for the Bruins' opener against Loyola Marymount on Nov. 11 and barred from team activities.

It was frustrating and maddening to watch Anderson in 2009-10. Anderson betrayed the UCLA basketball team. It was heartwarming to see him come back in 2010-11 and become the team's sixth man. But Jerime you may have blown it for the last time. Jerime, this time your betrayal may cost you more than some time on the pine. 

In any case, the Bruins are going to have to start making plans without Anderson because one thing is for certain; you cannot rely on Anderson to use good judgment.

Go Bruins