Joseph Fauria Running His Twitter... Against Norm Chow

We are barely into Fall practices, and there is already a social-networking aired trash talking. While the message came a few days ago, today's big winner is Joseph Fauria for his Tweet aimed at Norm Chow (per the LAT, since deleted from his twitter page):

Dear Chow, I'm so glad you're gone. Can't wait to beat that [butt] Nov. 12!! Enjoy that big check! You don't deserve any of it.

No matter how you feel about a former coach, teammate or an opposing player, after coming off of a 4-8 season nobody associated with UCLA Football has earned the right to talk trash about anybody. That would be true enough in the case of someone like Johnathan Franklin or Tony Dye - guys that can lead and have produced on the field for the Bruins - but especially true for a player with a career line of 3 catches for 21 yards.

Whether you think this sort of pre-game trash talking is a good or bad part of football, you've got to back up what you are throwing out there; you have to have earned the ability to say it. Joe Fauria has not done anything on the field to back up his talk - or his tweet. The only thing more disappointing may be that right now, nobody on this team has earned the right to talk shit.

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