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Spaulding Video Roundup: Pre-Season Camp Thoughts From Jones, Prince, Evans & Capella

The return of football practice means lots of video interviews coming out of Spaulding. We have been posting them away in our roundups and in our fanshot sections. Thought it would be cool to string together few from this weekend in one place. Huge thanks to Jon Gold for posting them on his "Inside UCLA" blog.

Let's start with Gold's interview with Malcolm Jones, who is looking to move up the depth chart this camp. Here is Jones talking about getting in shape this off-season and also going through a maturation process under the new offensive coaching staff:

More after the jump.

Gold then caught up with Kevin Prince and Shaq Evans - the transfer out of Notre Dame:

In the interview above Gold dwelled on the sloppy practices from earlier in the week. Gold, Prince and Evans yammer about "lights clicking on." I know,  I know. We have heard that so many times over the years. FWIW though the offense has kicked in to a higher gear in last two practices. As you will find out in our roundup later today, practice have been much sharper since then. More on that later.

Elsewhere, Gold also chatted with OL Greg Capella:

As P noted earlier in the week, Capella has been moved to guard this camp and it may help him earn a spot in Coach Bob Palcic's rotation. We are going to need everyone's contribution at the OL. So any help Capella can pitch in is going to be welcome by the coaching staff and all Bruin fans.