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Texas Governor Rick Perry Orchestrating Texas A&M's Move To The SEC?

We already have two threads on this topic as it is generating a lot of interest here given it's ramifications on the Pac-12 [See our previous extended reflections from a UCLA perspective here]. This scoop is worth a frontpage post on its own. 

Paul Burka from Texas Monthly is asserting that A&M's upcoming move to the SEC has just as much to do with politics as it does with football. He thinks Governor Rick Perry guided by his presidential aspirations is behind this move (emphasis added):

Texas A&M’s move to the Southeast Conference is not just about football. It is also about politics. It is a way for Perry to validate himself as a southerner. In one bold move–and don’t think for a moment that Perry didn’t orchestrate this–Perry has used A&M to leverage himself into prominence in the South, an area where a Republican presidential candidate must run well. The A&M culture and the southern culture mesh well. It’s military, it’s patriotic (if you overlook the Civil War), it’s athletics overshadowing academics at most institutions, the exceptions being Vanderbilt and Georgia.

Rest of Paul's post has to do with Republican Presidential primary politics which we don't need to get here on BN. However, the part about whether or not Governor Perry is orchestrating this is definitely a worthy topic of conversation. There have been reports like this one before about "A&M's personnel and policies" being "influenced considerably" by Perry, who is a graduate of the university. It has been noted that "several" of the A&M's "campus officials are close to Perry" or are "Perry picks".  He also appointed all nine regents.

Should be very interesting how it all plays out.