Jonathan Franklin: Poet, Leader, Dreamer

Once in a blue moon, Chris Foster's prescription medicine (Troganesta) wears off and he writes a nice article about a Bruin.  

Then again, it is not too hard to write a good article on Jonathan Franklin.  You can get a glimpse of what a great kid JetSki is, here and here.

He works hard...but not just at football apparently.  Sure, last year he gained the most yards in a season since Skip Hicks...but to me at least, writing plays and poetry is even harder than that!

At 15 he wrote plays about hope, casting friends in roles and taping their performances. And at open-mike night at Da Poetry Lounge in Hollywood, he expressed his thoughts about God and society.

You can tell after 10 seconds that Jonathan is a Bruin.  

You might think that as a poet, Jonathan would be the quiet, introvert type...not so:

Franklin was also active behind the scenes. For example, there was the time he burst into the locker room the day after a 35-0 loss to Stanford, and — "using words you probably can't put in the newspaper," he says — loudly hustled players to the weight room 15 minutes early.

Read more to see Jerry Johnson's recollection of JetSki's words that day...which was followed by a 3-game winning streak.

And you might think with those things on his mind, he'd have a full plate...and you'd be wrong again.  Always with an eye out for his community, JetSki has big dreams:  he hopes some day to be Mayor of Los Angeles...and more...

Read the article for more details! 

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