More Trouble Up In Oregon: Booze, Speeding (at 118 mph) & Pot

First a news flash from Oregon State:

Four members of the Oregon State football team have been suspended for the first game of the season after receiving ‘minor in possession of alcohol' (MIP) charges late Sunday night. Beavers head coach Mike Riley announced the decision after the conclusion of Monday's practice.

Redshirt freshmen defensive tackle Joe Lopez, redshirt freshman tight end Connor Hamlett, redshirt freshman tight end Tyler Perry, and freshman safety Will Storey were reported as the four players involved in the incident. Lt. Cord Wood of the Corvallis Police Department described the unfortunate run-in.

"Unfortunately" for the Beavers, this is not the first time Riley's players have been in news for the wrong reasons. Beavers were not the only Oregon program with unfortunate off-field news this week.

Moving over to Eugene, Chip Kelly's long off-season continued to drag on with more troubling news:

Oregon quarterback Darron Thomas was a passenger in the car when Cliff Harris was pulled over for driving 118 mph in June, and the state patrolman asked Harris during the traffic stop, "Who's got the marijuana in the car?"
Harris replied, "We smoked it all."    

These latest revelations from the incident that earned Harris a suspension for at least the season-opener against LSU in Cowboys Stadium came after KATU news in Portland obtained unedited dashboard camera footage from the patrol car for the June 12, 4:30 a.m. traffic stop.

Harris was driving a rented 2011 Nissan Altima with a suspended license. He has since paid $1,620 in fines for the driving violation. The car had been rented by an Oregon employee.

During the traffic stop, Harris said the car belonged to his "girlfriend.

Here is the video via the Big Lead:

More over at the SBBJohn B at the UW DawgPound pounced on the story. I am not sure Washington fans should be having too much fun with this though given the UDub head coach just last year jumped on the opportunity to bring in an alleged backpack thief into his program. 

The more I read this stuff, the more I admire the way Coach Rick Neuheisel handled the situation wrt to the alleged backpack thieves in Westwood. It certainly makes him stand out on how he runs our program.


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