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UCLA Football Fall Scrimmage Day Roundup: News & Notes

Anthony Barr and co. will get after it this afternoon at Drake. <a href="" target="new">Photo Credit: Scott Wu</a>.
Anthony Barr and co. will get after it this afternoon at Drake. Photo Credit: Scott Wu.

After two weeks of practices - in pads, out of pads and the dreaded two-a-days, today is the day that all of that work begins to come together -and the last time that the public will be able to watch the team outside of the Rose Bowl - the Fall Scrimmage. Before that however, the Bruins had one last day of public practice at Spaulding Field. Friday was a no-pads workout, and considered more of a walk through than a full-on practice - take the reports of how players did as you will.

Kevin Prince and Richard Brehaut both saw a lot of time today, and neither was particularly good, but it's hard to look too good on a day like today. Some good throws for both, some bad, most of the good stuff was tight and over the middle.

Jordan Zumwalt was looking really active out there and he is really excited to be back and competing for the starting linebacker spot with Glenn Love. The whole linebacker corps was looking good.

Also noted was Anthony Barr getting more reps at Running Back, and Mike Johnson telling Gold that he has six guys at the receiver positions that he feels confident can execute and do what wants on the field. The QB reports from Friday have been pretty much the same from all the usual suspects - not good or bad really, just Vanilla.

According to the OC Register, Brett Hundley will be returning to practice on Monday, though not at full speed.

Chris Foster has a piece on Cory Harkey, and how Coach Mastro has been working with him in hopes of making him a weapon in the passing game.

Today's Scrimmage will be starting at 5PM at Drake Stadium.ICYMI here are the details from the official site:

UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel will showcase his 2011 Bruin Football team in the annual Fall Scrimmage on Saturday, August 20th at 5 p.m. at Drake Stadium on the campus. There is free admission for all fans and the first 2,500 in attendance on Saturday will receive a 2011 UCLA Football poster. The poster distribution will begin at 4 p.m.

Following the scrimmage, Coach Neuheisel will briefly address the audience and then fans will have the opportunity to come on to the field and meet the team. For those arriving on campus early the UCLA Athletics Hall of Fame in the Morgan Center, near Ackerman Union, will be open from 3 to 5 p.m. with all 107 Bruin NCAA championship trophies on display. For your shopping convenience, the UCLA Store in the Union will be open until 5 p.m. on Saturday. On-campus parking will be available in lots 4, 7 and 6 for a charge of $11 per vehicle.

According to the LAT, Coach Neuheisel is looking at getting in between 60-75 plays tonight. Peter Yoon has written up a post looking at the coaches' approach  to the scrimmage at ESPN-LA.

For folks attending the scrimmage, please feel free to post your thoughts during and after the game here, and consider writing up any longer thoughts you have as a Fanpost.