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Brett Hundley Headlines UCLA's Closed Rose Bowl Scrimmage

Patroclus will put up a more extensive roundup from yesterday's live scrimmage at the Rose Bowl later this weekend. For now though I wanted to pass on the key headline - it was apparently Brett Hundley, who stole the show. While Coach Rick Neuheisel remains undecided about the starting QB sport between Kevin Prince and Richard Brehaut, he was apparently so impressed with Hundley's performance that he is seriously contemplating putting in special packages for the freshman QB:

"He's going to be that quarterback that has a package of offense and as he plays that package will expand, much like a [Tim] Tebow at Florida or a Terrelle Pryor at Ohio State," Neuheisel said. "We will see how much he can grasp, but today was fun to watch him out there feeling it a little bit."

Tebow and Pryor both began playing limited action as true freshmen. Pryor eventually took over as Ohio State's starter, but Tebow was used mostly as a running quarterback and in goal-line situations for his entire freshman season before taking over as starter as a sophomore.  

That was Peter Yoon from ESPN LA, who reported (after listening into a Neuheisel conference call) a "15-yard touchdown run" by the freshman QB was one of the key highlights of Friday's scrimmage:

UCLA's scrimmage Friday was Hundley's first live action since the spring scrimmage, though quarterbacks weren't allowed to be hit during the game so that made it more difficult to judge just how well he performed. Still, Neuheisel came awy impressed, singling out a Hundley 15-yard touchdown run as one of the day's highlights.

"He looked good in handling the offense and handling the signals and machinations that go with it," Neuheisel said. "It wasn't error free, but certainly a guy that looks like he's going to be a big-time player at some point."

Whether we are going to see Hundley right away against Houston remains unclear. Neuheisel mentioned that he needs to make sure that Brett "feels 100 percent healthy" before he put him in a game but he is "certainly getting "close."

Hundley hasn't been short of confidence since his return to practice. In case you missed it here was a YouTubed interview of him via Jon Gold earlier in the week:

What I thought was very interesting was his mention of "Coach Tui" in that interview. Coach Tui is none other than Washington Huskies legend Marques Tuiasosopo, who under Neuheisel's tutelage guided the Huskies to their last Rose Bowl win. Neuheisel tailored that offense around Tui's explosive athleticism by putting in his version of "revolver" packages. Should be very interesting what Bruins cook up with Hundley.